GSL Tea Garden

Welcome to the Global Social Leaders Tea Garden. 

2020 marks the start of a Decade of Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. If you agree it's time for change, time for action and time to come together...grab a cup a tea and join us in the garden.

Take some time to meet and connect with other socially conscious people about the issues that matter. 

The GSL Festival is brought to you by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. It is supported and powered by our young people, their teachers and partners a massive thank you to you all!!

Take a seat. Join us in the Garden

Meeting ID: 984 056 4531

It is time to Think Globally, Act Socially and Start Now.

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The GSL Tea Garden is brought to you by the Small Robot Company 

Where do we want to be in 2030? It's this question that's driving us to transform farming, making it more sustainable and enriching biodiversity.

Join us at Global Social Leaders to hear all about our Three Small Robots and their Dream to Save the World. Meet our farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry and our co-founder Ben who will be speaking on Friday 19th at 1pm GMT.

Let's Build Back Better. Small is for the Future.